18 Friary list

Anugraha Animation Centre, Nochiodaipatty (Dindigul Diocese-1998)

Founded in February 1998. Six acres of land was donated by a few priests of Dindigul Diocese. Later we bought 3.20 acres of land adjoining the 6 acres of land. This house is a Tamilnadu Capuchin centre for ongoing formation, spirituality, counselling and research. The friary was built and blessed on 24th january 1999. The Anugraha Counselling Institute received recognition of Canadian association of pastoral Education practice in 2005 and signed a MOU with Madurai Institute of Social Sciences under Madurai Kamaraj University in 2006. Anugraha is growing to be a place of healing for people all over India.

Anugraha Friary, Nochiodaipatty (Dindigul Diocese-1998)

Originally the intention was the Counsellor Training Programme. With the erection of the Diocese of Dindigul on 28-12-2003,Nochiodaipatty became a Parish in 2005 and given to us. The Order bought the land for the Parish Church opposite our friary. A spacious church was constructed and consecrated in Nov.2009. Anugraha Arts and Science College with a focus to Counselling subjects was inaugurated in July 2010. The Parish community was separated from Anugraha Centre in 2012. Anugraha College is attached to the Parish community but friars from both the communities make the staff. There are 3 religious Congregation Sisters working around this Parish.

Arulagam, Vickramasinagapuram (Palayamkottai Diocese-1979)

Founded in 1987. In View of starting our own theologate at Amalashram, we needed to shift the higher secondary students from there. V.K. Puram was found an ideal alternative as the Sacred Heart Brothers run a higher secondary school near our house. The Students stayed here and attended classes until 1994 when the requirement for admission to the Order was fixed as XII. on June 26, 1994, it was canonically erected a Parish with six substations. A new solid parish church has been constructed and consecrated on june 30, 2002. The Front Facade underwent a dramatic change with 3 gigantic towers in 2011.

Arunodaya, Vannampatti (Dindigul Diocese-1996)

Founded in 1996. The Province purchased some 38 acres of land at Vannampatty for the future development of the Province. A new friary was built and blessed on July 6 1996, it has an orphanage. Vannampatty was raised a parish on 24 th January 1999 and was given to the Capuchins. It has two substations, a middle school and a primary school.

Assisi Ashram, Pampanvilai (Kottar Diocese-1979)

Founded in 1979. The Friars are in charge of an animation centre. It caters to the clergy, religious and people. Besides this it is our Novititate Since 1985. During the years 1997 -98, 1999 - 2000 and 2004- 05, the Post Novitiate Programme was conducted here.

Church of the Assumption of Our LadyThemanur (Kuzhithurai Diocese-2016)

The diocese of Kottar; the fourth biggest in India and first in Tamilnadu had the population of 5,60,000 with 190 parishes. The diocese of Kuzhithurai was born as on offshoot of Kottar on 24-02-2015. We volunteered to open a house in the new diocese. Bishop Jerome Dhass SDB, welcomed us and offered us the existing parish of Themanur for a span of 10 years. We are doing a lot of pastoral, confessional and counseling ministry.

Holy Cross Church, Menonpara (Sultanpet Diocese-2017)

The district of Palghat along with the Northern part of today's Kerala was known as the Malabar Region in Tamilnadu. Pondicherry Archdiocese administered the Catholics in this region. This region came under the jurisdiction of Coimbatore diocese in 1846. The reorganization of the States in India in 1956 claimed this region to Kerala and ceded Kanyakumari to Tamilnadu. But the ecclesial government remained unhindered with the diocese of Coimbatore as the Catholics were fully Tamils. It became a diocese on 16 - 02- 2014.Rt.Rev. Peter Abir of Pondicherry was the first Bishop. He invited religious men and women from Tamilnadu to administer the existing parishes and create new institutions of their own in course of time. We responded to his invitation and administer the parish of Menonpara. The contract is for 6 years. Meanwhile a memorandum of understanding with the CCMSI, we might need, create a counseling ministry to concentrate on the empowerment of families and individuals with addictions.

Kaviyalaya, Okkur(Sivagangai Diocese - 2006)

A parish dedicated to St. Francis of Assit, was erected on 15 June 1997 at Okkur. The parish takes care of 17 substations in all. In order to cater to the pastoral needs of the people a house named "Kaviyalaya " was built for the parish community in October 2001. St. Clara Home for the orphans and the poor boys was also opened in the Friary Campus which provides shelter to 40 poor children.

Nirmala Ashram, Thirumangalam (Madurai Diocese) - 1970

Founded in November 1970. It looks after the spiritual needs of the Catholics of Thirumangalam and part of Peraiyur Taluk. It is officially a Parish from 1996. Friars run St. Francis Matriculation Higher Secondary School. We founded a Tamil Medium High School in Sathankudi in 1989 and handed it over to the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Pondicherry. We have bought the sacred heart Primary School at Kallikudi Chatiram in June 2008. 4 religious women congregations work in this parish.

Paduvai Ashram, Pathinathapuram (Tuticorin Diocese-1949)

Founded in December 1970. The Friars look after St. Jude's Shrine. It was erected a parish in 1992. From 1985 Orientation course for our aspirants was conducted here. In 1987 a retreat house was built to conduct renewal programmes to the clergy , the religious and the laity. It was handed over to the diocese in 1997.

Queen Of peace illam ,Allamptty,Thirumangalam (Madurai Archdiocese-2017)

With the bifurcation of the province, Tamilnadu South had its temporary Provincial office at Nirmala Ashram, Thirumangalam. We built a new Provincialate at Boys town at the outskirt of Thirumangalam town. Fr. Mauro Johri - General and Fr. Michael Fernandez - General Councilor blessed open the house on May 13, 2017. The office had its formal shift from Nirmala Ashram and began to function from Oct 04, 2017. The Friars here extend all the possible service to the surrounding convents and Substations of Thirumangalam mission parish spread out in a radius of 30 kms.

Reaching the Unreached (RTU) (Madurai Archdiocese-2009)

Reaching The Unreached ( RTU) is a social work organisation based in a remote Village called G.Kallupatti in Theni District started in 1974, registered under Societies Registration Act in 1978. It works for the poorest people at the grass root level in many small villages all around Batlagundu, a small town in Tamilnadu within 25km radius. Its main activities are (1) Child Welfare by running Children Villages, Hostels etc. (2) Clinical services to the poor (3) Children education - Day care / Pre - Schools - 14, Higher Secondary -1, Open School for drop out - Children - 1, Study, Centres and Trade School ( Computer Centre and Tailoring,(4) Community organizations, Self - Help Groups, (5) Rural health programmes, (6) Care & Support of HIV/ AIDS affected (7) Free low cost housing (8) Installing hand - pumps and (9) Livelihood Programme. It was Started by a De La Salle Brother, James Kimpton, an UK national, who lives in India from 1964 onwards. The Society was constituted of men of all religions from diffrent careers. We Capuchins have taken the responsibility of running this Society from March 2009.

Shanthi Ashram,Coimbatore (Coimbatore Diocese-1949)

Founded in 1956. It was the headquarters of the United Indian Province as well as the Tamilnadu Province from 1956 to 1987. It houses the students of initiation. The friars are in charge of the Fatima Parish. A spacious multipurpose hall was built in 1986 as Jubilee Memorial. Brindisi Matriculation school was started in June 1998. We raised another community hall and an adoration chapel underneath in 2005. Seva Missionaries opened their convent to serve our parish and school from 2007.

St. Francis Anbgam, Okhur (Sivagangai Diocese- 1991)

Founded in June 1991. The Bishop of Sivagangai knowing the spiritual needs of his clergy and people had graciously offered a piece of land. A Friary was built and blessed on 6th Dec 1992. The friars are catering to the spiritual animation of the clergy and the laity. From June 2002, Anbagam became the place of post - novitate programme. The post - novitate programme was closed in the year 2007 and an animal husbandry was started here. Anbagam also serves as a full -time spiritual animation Centre.

St. Francis Mercy Home, Karungulam (Tuticorin Diocese - 2011)

Mr. Sundar George of Thenthamaraikulam in Kanyakumari district donated to our Order 7 acres of coconut grove with an open well and a pump set room in Karungulam. It is in the vicinity of Rajakrishnapuram Parish in the Diocese of Tuticorin. The site is somewhat close to Kanyakumari as well because of the 4 lane National highway. The donor's intention is that we construct a home for the Destitute and differently abled. He has come forward to fund the construction. The Province owes a debt of gratitude to him.

St. John's Friary, K.M. Kottai (Sivagangai Diocese - Estd.1996)

Capuchin Ministry began here in June 1996. The Parish was established in 1928. It is a vast mission in the extreme southwest of Sivagangai diocese and Ramnad district. The Catholic population is 3000 and most deserving. A boarding for Children was opened and the middle school was upgraded. Now it is a high School with 600 students including 180 boarders. Amidst disputed attempts to give up, the election chapter of 2002 has empowered the definitory to carry on the ministry. The School and perhaps a dispensary or hospital in course of time will be the entry points for the Hindus. We meet with visible progress in education, discipline and above all respect and support to our efforts.

The Friary, Kotagiri (Ooty Diocese-1949)

Founded in 1949. It is situated in the hill station of Ooty with fresh air and calm atmoshphere. From 1949 to 1981 it was the house of theology for all the Indian Provinces. It was also the headquarters of the Indian Commissariate from 1949 to 1956. It was a novitiate house from 1981 to 1985. From June 1985 onwards it become the Philosophical college of the Amala Annai Province. In 1994 St. Francis Home, the Orphange for poor boys and girls, was also opened in the Friary Campus. It is looked after by our friars over there. One year of Post - Novitiate was held along with the philosophate in 2001 - 2002. with the bifurcation of the Tamil Nadu Province in 2012, it has become the Common Philosophate.